Most garages run between 12-18 by 20 feet. But, not everybody maximizes the utilization of this extra space in their home.

With the right upgrades, you can do more with your home and increase its value! Read on to learn how to add value to your home with these garage improvement tips.

Upgrade Your Flooring

People often overlook the flooring in their garage and leave plain, cold cement. While this works for a while when you do not really utilize your garage space, problems will develop over time.

After a few years, the cement will crack from normal wear and tear. This creates tripping hazards and allows for potentially dangerous mold growth.

Plus, grey cement does not look inviting at all. One of the best ways to add value to your home is to upgrade your garage flooring.

Our garage floors add an element of color and class that bring your garage to the next level. Stronger than epoxy, they hold up to wear and tear. You can choose a look that fits any purpose and transforms your garage into an entirely new space.


Looking for home improvements that add value to your home easily? 

White walls will show marks easily. And, in a space where you store things, work, and pull up your car, scuffs will happen regularly.

Throw a fresh coat of paint onto the garage walls. Use vibrant colors that brighten up the area but do a better job of hiding marks.


Stop using your garage as a garbage dump! Declutter and find a better purpose for this open space.

Throw out projects that you will never get to, like broken lawnmowers. Decluttering the area makes it easier to keep clean and prevents trips and falls while getting to the things you need.

Create Overhead Storage

Garages do make excellent storage spaces for things you do not want taking up room inside your home. But, you do not want everything piled up on the floor.

Take advantage of the high ceilings garages offer and turn that space into overhead storage. Lay down large flat boards and reinforce your rafters to hold up the extra weight. This makes for a great place to store items like kyaks and bins full of holiday decorations.

Utilize Wall Space

Do not forget about all of the open wall space you can use! Build high shelving for storing items you need easier access to. 

Build racks into the wall to keep bikes, weed whackers, and sporting equipment out of the way yet accessible. You might also build a fold-up workbench into the wall and use a beg board with hooks to hold up your tools!

Light It Up

Garages often do not offer much lighting. This can make it uninviting and difficult to work. Installing additional overhead lights or wall lamps can help transform the space into something more functional. 

Add Value to Your Home Via the Garage

You can easily add value to your home by sprucing up the garage. New flooring, painted walls, and better organization can transform the space into something extraordinary!

Start from the bottom up and let us help! Contact us today for a quote on new flooring.