Does your garage feel like a cluttered mess?

This extension of your home provides numerous options for storage and increased organization. Yet, many people let it fall by the wayside.

Shift your focus back onto this extra space and transform your home. Read on to learn 5 awesome garage organization hacks for maximizing your space!

1. Clean Up

To create a garage organization, start with a cleanup job. Literally, empty everything into your driveway to give yourself completely open space. This will allow you to assess the area and better visualize the possibilities.

Clean it all up. With everything out, carefully decide what will go back in.

Throw things away that you do not use. This includes storage you do not need, broken stuff, and projects you may never get to.

2. Revamp Your Floors

Standard cement flooring will eventually chip and crack from wear and tear. This looks less than appealing, can create tripping risks, and grows mold when moisture seeps in.

Choose flooring that looks classy and is stronger than epoxy. Nice flooring truly transforms the space and allows you to do more with your newly decluttered open area.

3. Store Stuff Overhead

Many garages peak at the highest point of the house. This means you essentially have a room stacked atop another room, minus the divider.

Utilize that overhead garage space for storage. This may allow you to open up an additional room within your house and utilize your garage for additional things.

If you reinforce the rafters with additional beams and place wooden platforms, then you can store quite a bit up high. Use this space to keep holiday decorations, kayaks, and other items you only access once in a while to keep it out of the way.

4. Utilize Wall Space

Stop tripping over everything all over your garage. Use the wall space wisely for storage.

Hanging a pegboard above your tool bench offers a space for hand tools and other gadgets. You can also use it to hang containers that store nails, screws, washers, and other small items for easy access to them.

Use the wall space for hanging racks as well. The racks work well to keep weed whackers, bicycles, and sporting equipment, organized and off the floor.

Install wall-mounted shelves for additional organization. Here you can keep sidewalk ice, chemicals, soil, and other stuff you want out of the reach of children.

5. Build Fold-Ups

Do you want to use your garage as a workspace or game room? How about both?

Build fold-up tables that allow you to do what you want and then close to open up the space for cars and other activities. You can create a fold-up tool bench or ping pong table. 

Follow These Garage Organization Hacks

 Follow these garage organization hacks in order to expand the possibilities for your home.

Create a multi-purpose space that looks great and functions well! Installing good flooring will ensure that the good times last!

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